Antenatal Workshop

To help you prepare for life beyond birth,
the antenatal class will cover the following:

Your baby’s social and emotional world
After birth your baby is faced with a very different world to the cocoon they have called home for so long. Their senses start to develop and their brains become very busy making connections that will go on to shape how they see the world and interact with it. Learning more about your baby's development can help you to tune into their world.
How you can support your baby’s development
Understandably, new parents want to do whatever they can to nurture their babies and support them in managing the ups and downs of babyhood. In the antenatal class we will explore what babies need from you in order to develop positive relationships. Understanding more about this can help you to appreciate the skills you already have that will support their developing brains.
Managing your new role
Research tells us that new parents have little idea of the extent to which having a child can impact their wellbeing and their couple relationship. We are very passionate about supporting parents to consider the effect it may have on their identity and key relationships. Having an honest discussion about these changes, and exploring ways of coping, can help you to have more realistic expectations and feel better prepared about the changes to come.

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