Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this workshop different to other antenatal sessions?
During pregnancy there is a big emphasis on the physical health of the mother to be and the unborn baby, and preparing for their safe delivery. Whilst this is absolutely fundamental, parents often report that their antenatal classes did not equip them with enough information for life with a new baby. It is normal to feel total at sea with a newborn, however we believe that expectant parents can be supported to think about some of the changes and adjustments in advance. These workshops will help you to understand more about the emotional world of babies, as well as your own wellbeing during this highly sensitive period.
Will this workshop provide tips and practical advice about caring for a newborn?
There are many courses and parenting ‘experts’ who offer practical information about caring for your baby. This workshop will not attempt to duplicate this advice or tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Instead, we aim to help you think in greater depth about aspects of parenting that are not typically covered in traditional antenatal courses.
Does the workshop promote one particular parenting style?
We do not advocate one particular type of parenting, instead we believe in supporting parents by providing them with up to date research in this field and allowing them to find their own way.
When should I join this class?
You are welcome to join at any stage of pregnancy.
I’m having twins, is this workshop right for me?
Yes, all of the information discussed will be highly relevant. We will not be discussing any information or research specific to twins, but if you contact us prior to attending the workshop we can signpost you to some relevant organisations and services.
I’d love to come but I don’t have a partner, can I still attend?
Absolutely. We welcome single parents or anybody who is not able to attend with their partner. If you would like to attend with a friend or family member instead then please let us know when you book.
What if I want to sign up but I don’t live in the area you currently run the workshop in?
You are very welcome to attend as the information will still be relevant to you.
I’m already feeling anxious about my pregnancy or being a new parent, what can I do?
Please contact your GP or midwife in the first instance.
What happens if the workshop is cancelled?
In the unlikely event that one of our sessions is cancelled, we will reschedule or offer refunds if this is not possible.
What if I sign up but want to cancel?
We are a two-woman band and are not currently in a position to offer refunds. However, if your attendance is not possible due to an issue surrounding your pregnancy then we will obviously do our best to accommodate you in another workshop where possible.

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