Postnatal Workshop

We warmly welcome you and your new baby to our postnatal classes which provide a space for you to share your experiences of early parenthood, learn about baby development and meet local parents.

Having a baby changes your life in so many ways. Our course offers support during this precious but challenging time by helping you understand more about these changes for you and your baby, using research-based information. Each class focuses on key postnatal elements including your experiences of:

  • Birth
  • Feeding
  • Sleeping
  • Stress and crying
  • Changes to your identity and relationships

The course encourages discussion in an honest environment, providing a support network at such a significant time. There is an overwhelming amount of conflicting advice from so-called parenting ‘experts’ which is not based on research and leaves parents feeling confused or undermined. Our postnatal classes help you explore how your baby thinks and behaves using key psychological findings, so you can feel assured that you’re supporting their development.

Each class is 1.5 hours and the course runs over a 4 week period allowing us to cover a range of topics surrounding early babyhood and parenting.

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